Our Mission

Blockchain at NTU is dedicated to fostering a vibrant blockchain community in NTU and beyond. We are committed to building and strengthening the technical expertise and market awareness of our members while empowering like-minded individuals in pursuit of their interests in academic, enterprise or entrepreneurial endeavor.


Who We Are

Founded in July 2017, We're a non-profit student club consists of Blockchain enthusiasts with background ranging from computer science, to math, to business here at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Meet the Team

What We Do

We strongly believe in a scientific, fact-based and open-source approach to investigate, employ and further advance blockchain technologies; We disregard irrational hype, blind maximalists and speculative behaviors. In essence, we put, and proudly so, disproportionate emphasis on solid, technicial understanding of the technology and its implications, which is fundamental to any discussion of blockchain.

We carefully designed and teach "Blockchain Fundamentals" courses on campus, ranging from cryptography to smart contract security. We reckon that systematic, consistent materials with incremental depth are lacking, thus we put efforts into organizing them and make them publically available.
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We investigate protocols and designs steming from academia and industries, meanwhile we propose our analysis results, improvisations and our own noval ideas. On top of theoretical work, we implement open-sourced libraries and build applications using state-of-the-art framework and development tools.
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We formulate "solution teams" to tackle specific problems in the community or of a client. Business development and market insights will shine on their merits for adding values to creative business models or solving an existing painpoint.
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Events & Workshops

Contact Us

We welcome any questions regarding our projects, membership recruitment, our free blockchain materials, our workshop information and anything but scam, spam and ICO hard-sell.

We love to hear your feedback, your ideas and maybe your stories.

Please give us at most a week to get back to you, meanwhile if it is something urgent, please indicate so at the beginning of your message. :)