The Team

A dedicated team of students from Nanyang Technological University are pushing things forward.

Alex loves cryptography. He was once an intern at ConsenSys Diligence auditing insecure smart contracts. Recently working on Gormos with Loi Luu, building scalable sharded Plasma for DEX.

Alex Luoyuan Xiong

President & Co-founder

Jun Yu is a Renaissance Engineering Programme student at NTU interested in blockchain technology and development. Previously worked on the LearnPlasma community project at IC3. Currently working on building a blockchain on top of Apache Cassandra for his Final Year Project.

Phang Jun Yu

Head of Education

Derek was a developer at Blockchain at Berkeley, he constructed a solution for storing and verifying digital assets. Once an intern in Visa for both the Singapore and Bay Area offices. Now working on a submarine send implementation on Ethereum in collaboration with IC3

Derek Chin

Head of Technology

Clarice is an earnest advocate of FinTech, especially the emerging Blockchain technology. Previously with SeaTown Holdings where she worked on IPO investments in major Chinese FinTech companies. Currently a summer analyst at BlackRock, where she had the exposure to the firm’s proprietary FinTech platform.

Clarice Tian Yu

Head of Business Development

Zhiyao worked on Project Ubin at J.P. Morgan Quorum team in 2017. He designed and built a curation-market based, decentralized peer review platform for his undergraduate thesis project. Now working as a full-time developer at J.P. Morgan.

Zhou Zhiyao

Mentor & Co-founder

Dr. Wen is an associate professor of School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU, while serving as the acting director of Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre. Received his PhD in EECS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Wen is the master mind of most early blockchain initiatives, academic courses and research projects at NTU.

Wen Yonggang


Dr. Sourav is affiliated with the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU as a lecturer. He is positioned precariously at the confluence of computer science, math and engineering with extensive background on number theory (M.Math), cryptology (Ph.D) and cyber security.

Sourav Gupta